Congratulations to Tom Sykes, our orchestra leader, on his recent promotion at his place of work. Tom, who has been a long standing member of the Sinfonietta string section, took over the role of leader when  Celia Hebron retired. This was in addition to his day-time job, and his work with other groups and ensembles, Sadly, Tom has decided that now he must stand down as leader of the St Helens Sinfonietta, having insufficient time to fulfill this role, which takes up much time organising and preparing for the concerts. The Sinfonietta wishes to thank Tom for all his hard work and contributions to the success of the Sinfonietta and to his long standing role in the string section.
Tom will remain a member of the orchestra, and the management committee representing the orchestra and we look forward to continuing our close relationship with him. We wish him every success on his promotion.”